Apple adds special designations for iPhone games which utilize Game Center

Now that Game Center has grown up from an interesting concept to a necessary addition to all iPhone games, Apple is making it an official distinction when browsing through iTunes.

Now, when you search for iPhone games, in addition to seeing each result's name and price, you'll see whether or not is supports Game Center.

Game Center is a social service that lets players add friends, connect to other gamers in online multiplayer, and climb to the top of leaderboards. It also has a fully-fleshed-out achievement system like Xbox Live.

Apple is encouraging all game developers to integrate Game Center in their games but, unlike Xbox Live, it is not a requirement. Some older games are now being updated to add support.

The distinction is made with anew Game Center logowhich pops up next to all games that use the service. Additionally, punching in a search for "Game Center" will bring up allgameswith the connectivity.

It's a move set to compete with Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 platform, which has full integration with Xbox Live, allowing users to connect to their gamer friends, pump up their Gamerscore, and remotely interact with their Xbox 360.

Any move to add cohesion to a digital marketplace as scattered asthe iPhone App Store is a good one.

[Source:Apple Insider]

Nov 10, 2010

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