Apex Legends' newest character channels a Titanfall 2 world record speedrun

Earlier this month, a Titanfall 2 speedrunner by the name of Cash Mayo posted a record-shattering run of the gauntlet, a training area designed to teach players about wall-running and other movement techniques. Cash Mayo managed to blitz through the Gauntlet in just 12 seconds - a feat which has now been memorialized in Respawn's latest game, Apex Legends, through its new character Octane. 

"Fresh off a record-breaking gauntlet speed-run," the Octane trailer description reads, "Octane is jumping into the Apex Games with even bigger ambitions. With abilities that let him trade health for speed, regenerate the health he lost, and drop a launch pad that shoots him and his teammates into the air, he never has to slow down." 

The most obvious nod to Cash Mayo is the mention of Octane's "record-breaking gauntlet speedrun," but the references go deeper. Cash Mayo - like many other speedrunners before him - cleared the gauntlet by using grenades to propel himself forward. Obviously, standing on a freaking grenade dealt some damage to him, which fits perfectly with Octane's "abilities that let him trade health for speed." And as if there was ever any doubt as to Octane's inspirations, Cash Mayo's speedrun is linked in Octane's trailer under the "More Info" button which appears around 10 seconds in. 

In a Reddit post about his connection to Octane, Cash Mayo said, "Sneaky little mention there. Respawn is clever… Wait, the gauntlet is a VR simulation. So how'd he really lose his legs? Sounds like a cover-up…" In a new comment on his speedrun, he said, "Damn, so apparently Octane is my future alternate personality. Who knew?"

If you're curious, Cash Mayo - AKA Rbrite -  is still the gauntlet record holder according to speedrun.com. The second place run, registered just yesterday, is 1.4 seconds behind him. 

Here's everything else you need to know about Apex Legends' Octane.

Austin Wood

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