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Apex Legends crosses 100 million players as Respawn teases new map

Apex Legends
(Image credit: EA/Respawn)

Apex Legends has reached a major milestone, cruising past 100 million players.

In a tweet yesterday, developer Respawn Entertainment thanked the community that had helped it reach this point with a montage filled with player clips and as well as a rundown of the game's roster of Legends. Right at the end of the video is a message suggesting the studio is "just getting started" on the development of its battle royale, but just before that is a glimpse of what some players think might be the new Season 9 map.

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Apex Legends got off to an incredible start after its surprise launch in February 2019, soaring to the 50 million mark in less than a month. Things have, of course, slowed down a bit since then, but the game has grown a lot recently, with 16 playable characters and three rotating maps that Respawn is constantly tweaking. On top of that, recent launches on Steam and the Nintendo Switch seem to have resulted in an influx of players, as concurrent counts on Valve's platform are hitting nearly 200,000.

Beyond that hint at a new map, there's little clue as to what Respawn is working on next in the trailer, but it's looking increasingly likely that it'll be drawing on its Titanfall series in the near future. 

Last month, dataminers discovered evidence that Titans could be on the way to the game. Even more recently, Respawn senior writer Ashley Reed told fans that the studio was working to "to integrate Titanfall," into Apex, while game director Chad Grenier said that "a ton of Titanfall [is] coming back into the game" in Season 9. 

While we wait for Season 9, here's a rundown of some of the other best battle royale games out there.

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