APB still alive (for now, at least) as developer crumbles

It's been a rough week for APB developer Realtime Worlds. News of the company's unravelling has spread through the interwebs like public relations napalm, casting serious doubts on the Scottish studio's ability to keep the lights on, let alone provide ongoing support for its recent MMO, APB (aka All Points Bulletin).

Recognizing this, Realtime Worlds announced today that it fully intends to keep its cops-n-robbers multiplayer actioner alive for both current and future gamers despite ongoing in-house issues. In addition to keeping the servers on, the company said it will continue to release future updates, patches and DLC content for as long as it is able.

“We want to offer reassurance to gamers that APB will not only continue as an online service but will be improved and supported 100% during this restructure,” says Joint Administrator Paul Dounis with Begbies Traynor, the business rescue and restructuring specialists tasked with keeping Realtime Worlds in one whole piece. A follow-up release added: “[APB] will continue and that is something we want all customers to be aware of.”

Next week's patch is set to include graphical updates, combat tweaks, improved communication tools and brand new clothing, symbols, vehicles and instrument packs for gamers.

For a full list of changes, and to keep up to date on Realtime World's desperate bid for a buyer, clickwww.apb.com.

Aug 19, 2010

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