Anyone can be a VTuber with Sony's new $360 portable mocap device

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony has announced a motion capture kit, compatible with PC, VR headsets, and VR Chat.

The newly-revealed device is called Mocapi, and it comes with a suitably whacky trailer. The announcement video below shows people giving themselves a lovely VTuber makeover in just a few short moments, living their best virtual lives as someone else entirely.

The Mocapi retails for $360, and is actually entirely portable for anyone with a PC or VR headset. All you need to do is attach the tracking devices to yourself in three separate points, as the video above demonstrates, and you're basically all set to transform your virtual self via the powers of motion capture.

This could be an absolute godsend for small-time developers looking to get in on the motion capture business for relatively cheap. At least, that's what many are speculating the Mocapi's target audience to be, outside of people just using it to transform themselves into VTubers.

And hey, don't turn your nose up at the mention of VTubers. Just earlier this month, one popular VTuber was bombarded by fans in Final Fantasy 14 for simply entering the MMO, and Sonic Forces DLC in Japan even replaced in-game sound effects with audio cues from popular VTuber Korone.

VTubers are arguably more popular than ever, and gaining a significant presence in the West, hence Sony demonstrating their brand new product with a display of VTuber prowess.

Some VTubers even played porn through Splatoon 3, which resulted in bans from Nintendo's game, if you wanted to go to the polar opposite end of the virtual community. 

Hirun Cryer

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