Anya Taylor-Joy is the latest celeb to claim their gamer credentials

Anya Taylor-Joy in The Queen's Gambit
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Anya Taylor-Joy is the latest celebrity to reveal they've got a passion for gaming.

Earlier this year, it was announced that the voice of Princess Peach in The Super Mario Bros. Movie would be none other than Anya Taylor-Joy. Far from being a Mario fan, The Queen's Gambit actress admits that she didn't indulge in the virtual hobby prior to landing the role but says that after doing research for the film, she now considers herself a gamer. 

"So now I am a gamer, and it's really fun," she told Modern Luxury San Diego. "Ideally, I like playing at arcades, because, again, it's like cinema; I love the ceremony. I'll go with a whole bunch of friends. And we'll just spend hours at the arcade."

Taylor-Joy joins an ever-growing number of celebrities who like to spend their free time in virtual worlds. Earlier this year, Stranger Things star David Harbour revealed he was once "wildly addicted" to World of Warcraft. And he doesn't seem to have been able to kick the habit, as last week, he joined a bunch of regular WoW streamers for an official dungeon run stream to promote the launch of the game's latest expansion, Dragonflight.

Recently we've also seen Kick-Ass' Hit-Girl Chloe Grace Moretz post about her powerful gaming PC on Twitter and lament the demise of Sony's handheld system, the PSP. Then there's Henry Cavill, who made the news when he upgraded his PC with the then hard-to-find NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090. He's also previously spoken of his appreciation for Red Dead Redemption 2 and spent lockdown playing The Witcher games on the hardest difficulty setting

Judging by the latest trailer, The Super Mario Movie version of Peach is a badass.

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