Antibodies review

It’s The German Silence Of The Lambs! Do we need a German Silence Of The Lambs? Not really, and though that description has served Antibodies well on the festival circuit, it signposts the familiarity of this frustrating thriller. Rural rozzer Michael (Wotan Wilke Möhring) suspects a serial killer is at home in his town. When the far-from-angelic Gabriel (André Hennicke) is captured, Mike plods off to Berlin, where the Very Mad Indeed Hannibal Lecter-alike decides to talk only to him...

Some sub-Silence taunting about the Catholic cop’s secret urges is lent weight by Möhring’s portrayal of a man torn between dark desires and pious beliefs. It’s in his humanity that the film finds its centre, but any eeriness is undercut by director Christian Alvart’s decision to shoot the whole thing like a car ad. A remake may be inevitable and – if somewhat calmer – welcome.

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