Animal Crossing: New Horizons Nook’s Cranny gets remade in Far Cry 5

Animal Crossing: New Horizons
(Image credit: Nintendo)

Someone has recreated Nook's Cranny from Animal Crossing: New Horizons in Far Cry 5's map editor.

Just below, you can see the original creation, which was posted to the Animal Crossing subreddit just earlier today. In the comments underneath the post below, the map's creator in Far Cry 5 explains that they were trying to give Nook's Cranny a "next-gen" overhaul. Well, we'd say they've certainly managed that.

I made Nook's Cranny from Animal Crossing in Far Cry 5 on PS4! from r/AnimalCrossing

If you're curious about how the Nook's Cranny homage was constructed entirely within Far Cry 5, we'd highly recommend checking out the video below from the map's creator. In the original post above, the user mentions that it took them three hours to construct from scratch, but you can see the entire process in just over four minutes in the video below.

This is, without a doubt, one of the more impressive homages to Animal Crossing: New Horizons. If you're unaware of just how extensive Far Cry 5's map editor is, let this original creation stand as a testament to the extensive power of the map editor. This post is proof of how just comprehensive the mode in Ubisoft's game actually is. 

In the comments underneath the original post on the Animal Crossing subreddit, one user wonders what Nook's Cranny would sell if it was transplanted into Far Cry 5. We're betting assault rifles and hand grenades, which we don't know if Timmy and Tommy would be too keen on giving out. Of course, you can fish in Far Cry 5, so maybe the Cranny would swerve the weaponry for fishing rods.  

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