Angry Birds board game makes us want to throw bits of plastic at other bits of plastic

Do you have a whole load of pent up passive aggressive tendencies that simply can’t be satiated by blasting the bejesus out of make believe virtual Nazis/communists/alien tentacle beasties? Then you might want to look into picking up the new Angry Birds board game. Based on the beloved iPhone title, it lets you throw small plastic birds (with a shitting slingshot!) at green plastic pigs until your heart's content. We can smell the minor injury lawsuits already.

Angry Birds: Knock on Wood is a two-to-four player game, where players have to build wooden structures to protect the porkers based on card instructions. The other side then has to demolish said structures by flinging the feathered freaks courtesy of a decidedly badass-looking slingshot.

Apparently, points will be tallied up on how much of the structures remain intact and how many of the pigs have been knocked of their perch… eh, so to speak. The game will be released by Mattel for $14.99 in the US around May.

We don’t know about you, but we’re so going to use that slingshot to fling random shit from our desks at each other. Let the black eyes commence!

Source: Kotaku

Jan 7, 2010

David Meikleham
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