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Amped 3 review

South Park meets snow samurai

Racing isn't the focus, and that's hardly regrettable; simply going fast gets trounced by actual fun things like sled riding, pro boarder chasing (where you follow some famous badass down the slopes trying to trick them to death), hang-gliding, and crippling competitions. Literally crippling ... you have to smash your tender guts against as much craggy material as possible in order to earn a huge medical bill.

The indecipherable, laugh-'til-you-snort plot goads you through a series of challenges as your rider gains rep, cash, and a wide assortment of loot ranging from new duds to crazy-serious bling like personal helicopters. Effortlessly guiding your boarder down the glistening slopes rewards players with epic level tricks that raise your "Awesomeness" level. And when the crowd sees just how awesome you are you'll earn special goodies. Once your campaign ends, there's plenty left to do on each of the seven mountains, although the last couple of mountains contain significantly fewer but way more difficult runs.

Without question, the absurd sense of humor that invades every cut-scene (yeah, snowboarding with cut-scenes ... go figure) is Amped 3's best feature. From hand puppets, to South Park-style cut-out animation, this game never lets up in its pursuit of some of the edgiest, head-scratching silliness we've seen in awhile.

Boosting the stylish presentation, the funk-punk soundtrack offered in the game packs a wide assortment of musical genres into one shred-friendly package designed to accentuate that perfect ride.

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DescriptionShakka brah! Hit the mega pow-pow and gleam a snow cube ... then learn what this ridiculous slang means.
PlatformXbox 360
Release date15 November 2005 (US), (UK)