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Amped 3 review

South Park meets snow samurai


  • Hilarious
  • fall-out-of-your-chair laughs
  • Graphics that stretch on for days
  • Creamy smooth controls


  • Skill system makes it tricky to be elite
  • Later levels tend to be pretty short
  • No racing ... and no online multiplayer

Amped 3 proves that a little personality can make for an awesome gaming experience. Under the wing of new publisher 2K Games, developer Indie Built has shaped Amped 3 into a ridiculously fun and funny example of snowboarding excellence that really doesn't feel anything like the earlier games in the series. Taking cues from other successful winterstick titles (coughSSXcough), Amped 3 also adds massive variety with lots of different snow-based activities.

More info

DescriptionShakka brah! Hit the mega pow-pow and gleam a snow cube ... then learn what this ridiculous slang means.
Platform"Xbox 360"
Release date1 January 1970 (US), 1 January 1970 (UK)