American McGee's Bad Day L.A. hands-on

True fact: one in 1,368 readers will be struck and killed by a falling meteor while reading this. That type of absurd humor jams the subversive, satirical action-title Bad Day LA way past chock-full. Rock star game designer American McGee pokes fun at our national pastimes of racism and classism during our Bush-Era culture war of fear.

Our hands-on look at Bad Day LA's demo began with a bang - a jumbo-jet filled with a cache of bioterrorist weapons crashes into the Santa Monica freeway during rush hour. If that wasn't bad enough, green goo leaked out from the wreckage zombified passersby, and caused a wave of chaos and violence to cascade over the city.

In Bad Day, we controlled the most unlikely of anti-heroes - a former movie producer named Anthony Williams who decided to chuck it all and live the carefree life of a homeless bum. Despite being a big-time Hollywood exec, our hero inexplicably speaks with the thick-tongued Ebonics of a proud fourth grade graduate. We knew it was time to take off our thinking caps - Bad Day L.A. possesses all the subtlety and comedic nuance of getting tasered in the balls.

The cartoony vision of Los Angeles is what saved the Day - the "Sunday funnies" 2D characters inside of the cel-shaded metropolis give Bad Day L.A. a singular, amusing look that puts the silly story in the right perspective.