AMC and Shudder reveal The Fabulous Fear Machine, a narrative-driven strategy game where you feed on fear

AMC and Shudder have revealed a new narrative-driven strategy game called The Fabulous Fear Machine.

Developed by Do Not Feed the Monkeys studio Fictiorama, The Fabulous Fear Machine looks like a convergence of worker-placement RTS gameplay and Creepshow-inspired pulp horror. The trailer introduces a creepy fortune teller machine (you) that feeds fear to the public in the form of horror stories and urban legends in exchange for power, money, and glory.

"What are your deepest desires?" asks a blurb from the game's Steam page. "If wealth is what you seek, nothing empties store shelves faster than a panic. Power? A fearful man is a loyal one, it’s true. Glory? Well… now you’ve got our attention. Everything you’ve ever dreamed of is within your reach, with The Fabulous Fear Machine."

Essentially, it's a horror story where you're the bad guy, but there are rival bad guys - not to mention good people - standing between you and your dreams (nightmares?). Through several different Masters operating across the world, you'll spread fear and horror based on each region's unique myths and legends, thereby learning a little about horror stories from around the world - which is pretty cool in its own right! But best be careful not to let those pesky do-gooders turn your carefully cultivated frights into inspirational stories, mascots, and other gross not-scary stuff.

The Fabulous Fear Machine is due to launch on PC via Steam in Spring 2022.

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Jordan Gerblick

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