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Amazon's New World delayed to 2021

(Image credit: Amazon Games)

Amazon Game Studios has once again delayed the New World release date and final beta test, this time to Spring of 2021. This comes about three months after the first delay from May to August.

You can read the complete statement from Amazon explaining the decision below, but the language is a little vague. Basically, it sounds like the studio simply needs more time to add features and content before going into live development.

Amazon's foray into MMOs is currently in a closed alpha state, but those who have spent time with New World largely have good things to say. The statement from Amazon says as much, adding that players have expressed that "they want more of it." Apparently, the delay is giving Amazon more time to develop "middle and endgame experiences."

We don't know a whole lot about New World, but a recent dev update breaks down how character progression works, and it sounds fairly extensive. Basically, character progression takes place across three distinct categories: Core Attributes, Trade Skills, and Weapon Mastery, and each of those branch out into several subskills. For instance, Trade Skills breaks down into Gathering, Refining, and Crafting, each of which has its own 16 specializations.

If you want to be among the first to play it, you can sign up for the New World closed beta. Along with alpha testers and people with pre-orders, you'll be able to play the game "for a limited period of time."

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