Amazon leak suggests Forza 6 is getting a Porsche expansion

The story of Porsche and Forza is sort of like Romeo and Juliet, but with less teenage suicide and more men cooing over engine grunts. For years, EA has held the rights to Porsche in video games, and has kept a fairly tight grip in that respect. However, last year, a deal between the publisher and Forza creator Turn 10 was worked out, and Forza Horizon 2 got a pack of 10 sleek, German automobiles. It's quite, quite beautiful.

It seems Turn 10 is keen to show off its hard legal work, at least if a (now deleted) Amazon listing is anything to go by. Spotted by the Forza forums, it looks as though a full Porsche-themed expansion is on its way to Forza Motorsport 6 in March.

The Amazon entry lists a fairly huge amount of new content. Hold your breath because here it comes:

• 20 Porsche cars, including 9 never before seen on Xbox One
• A Porsche Anthology Campaign, including 48 new events
• New Porsche-themed multiplayer events
• Porche mods and badges
• 250 extra Gamerscore points to be won
• A new track, the Virginia International Raceway

The listing has the expansion priced at $20, and does not mention whether it will be part of the Season Pass (although, given the expansion was teased by Turn 10 last year, I'd say it's highly likely it will be).

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Joe Skrebels
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