Alone in the Dark's six worst ways to die

Alone in the Dark invented the survival horror genre. Hell, the original Alone in the Dark was arguably the first to introduce fear itself into the gaming experience. You wouldn't believe how terrified we were of a couple of shadowy strategically placed polygon blocks back in 1994...

Now imagine what the franchise can do with cutting edge graphics, surround sound, real world physics and cinematic storytelling. More importantly, after nearly fifteen years of practice, imagine what kind of grisly, gory and gruesome deaths they can and will inflict upon you.

Here are the six most horrifying, with exclusive video and descriptions straight from the team behind the newest Alone in the Dark. Sadistic bunch...

6) Plummeting 735 feet to your death

Nothing says “ass-clenching scary” like hanging from a window ledge, 47 stories high in the air. In Alone in the Dark, one of your challenges will be to find your way around buildings when all stairs, doors and hallways are blocked, locked or otherwise inaccessible.

This means - at some point - you’ll find yourself on a small ledge, working around electrical wires, falling gargoyles, fire or other awesome dangers. If you can keep your balance and not get smacked by falling blocks of stone, you’ll make it; if not, you’ll fall 800 plus feet, meeting an early and untimely death when you smack into the pavement below.

5) Heavy metal

Most car accidents are relatively benign in Manhattan, since you can’t really move more than four miles per hour with all the traffic. A fender bender here and there, perhaps.

When you attempt to jump a gaping 50-foot hole in the road while doing 100 miles per hour, however, you’d better have your helmet on. One of the worst ways to die in Alone in the Dark is finding yourself coming up short on your jump- if the impact doesn’t snap your neck, the metal twisting around your flesh as the car is compacted into something the size of a can of tuna will. A truly horrific way to die alone.

4) Fissures

In Alone in the Dark, even the earth is against you. Fissures are a mysterious character in the game, and a total bitch to avoid. The ground literally opens up and tries to swallow you.

If you react quickly, you can sustain minimal damage, though it’s something you need to constantly be wary of while exploring. Nothing is worse than having the ground suck your legs down into molten lava while your top half is still alive... unless you count going in face first, of course.