Alone in the Dark bumps in with screens

Tuesday 2 May 2006
Atari has unleashed a number of new screens and facts about the latest sequel in its seasoned survival-horror series Alone in the Dark. Despite being announced last year, the Xbox 360 and PC adventure had previously kept us all in the dark about its details, but no more.

If you can tear your eyes away from the rather lovely - if scary - visuals situated on the images tab above, you'll discover that developer Eden Games has announced that the whole game will be broken up into a number of climatic, cliffhanger-packed episodes. So instead of unfolding in one 10-hour-long chunk, the game will be broken up into short sections of about 40 minutes and come complete with all of the shocks and surprises you might expect in an edition of TV shows such as Lost.

Above: The stories might be sub-divided but the adventure will remain free-roaming

And to ensure that you never forget the plot between each bite-sized chunk of gaming, a video summary will bring you back up to speed after restarting any saved game and tease you with what is coming up next. However, unlike the segmented style of SiN Episodes where each segment is separately released, downloaded and paid for, Alone in the Dark will be released and sold as one complete package.

So will this shocking sequel take gaming to the next level or just re-introduce levels into open-ended adventuring? We await the next bump from Atari at E3...