All-Console Avatar Showdown

360: Ronald McDonald - We wondered why the hell that ugly fast food shirt was included. Now you know.

Wii: Dick P. McJohnson - Call it juvenile, but it took lots creativity and plenty of balls to sneak that schlong past Nintendo.

PS3: Rick Astley - You think those acid washed jeans and hairstyle were included by accident? Home is determined not to run around, nor desert you. Click here to read all about Home’s commitment to the user experience (sorry, had to.)

Winner: Wii

WE HAVE A WINRAR! With a two year head start and some creative twists of eyes and mustache the Mii somehow retains dominance as the Ultimate Avatar! But the 360 wasn’t close behind. And considering they released a trickle of new seasonal gear two weeks after it launched it could easily surpass the Mii should we ever do this again. (We won’t)

The same could be said for the PS3 and Home, and in defense of their dismal avatar performance, at least they have a higher purpose other than just looking cute. But the fact that apparel is downloaded through the PlayStation Store hints at a horrifying future of never-ending micro transactions where you’ll get nickel-and-dimed to death by in-game Metal Gear hats and Naruto sweatpants. Oh well, we’ll find out soon enough, allegedly before the end of this year. Until then, let’s all try to become a little more comfortable with ourselves.

Dec 9, 2008

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