Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem

Greg Alien was basically Truck Drivers In Space. They weren’t billionaires or evil government people; they were just normal blue collar guys you could relate to. Even though it was in outer space.

Colin We wanted to make sure all our characters were real, that helps to find the hero. You put someone in a really extreme situation – do they crumble and die or rise to the occasion and try to get out of there?

Greg We saw Aliens for the first time on pay per view in a hotel when we were kids. Our parents were at a convention centre next to the hotel, so every time we got scared or thought we could hear them walking down the hallway, we changed the channel. What we didn’t know back then was that whenever you did that it re-charged you for the movie, so we did it ten times and it was awful. We were in so much trouble.

Colin It’s all about the hive, how quickly aliens can take over.

Greg As soon as we focus on our group you see the town is alive but very quickly they are isolated. These people are caught in the crossfire of the Predator who’s trying to wipe out everything he sees and the aliens who are trying to reproduce as fast as possible

Greg The music in A3 was fantastic, music is a really big thing for us, those films you hear just a couple of notes and you know where that soundtrack came from so the music is the biggest thing we’ve taken. From a stylistic standpoint it’s amazingly beautifully shot. It looks and sounds great.

Alien Resurrection
Greg Alien Resurrection. Hmmm interesting… that never really came up… Er.

Colin We have a swimming alien! I loved the underwater stuff.

Greg We tried to be sensitive to what the fans would like, we know what we wanted to see and where we’re been disappointed in the past. It’s interesting that the deeper we dug into the internet community the more fractured it was. There’s literally people rooting for the Aliens. That never happened in Ridley’s movie.

Greg It was the performance of the Predator that we drew from. He was athletic, slender and very tribal in the way he moved – his mannerisms were ritualistic. Those were the things that we missed in AVP.

Colin We went back to the classic look for the predator-vision, you get the muffled sounds, the heartbeat…

Greg …and also the violence! There was some really gory stuff He was skinning people, leaving their entrails on the ground. That influenced us heavily; all that is in our movie.

Predator 2
Colin P2’s vision of the future didn’t stand up to time well.

Greg Introducing new weapons and new vision modes, that was the one thing they did well, also the secret team that was tracking him, we have some elements of that type of storyline continued in our movie.

Alien Vs Predator
Greg We’ve bought back the original Predator.

Colin All the big armour was too much. Our movie picks up pretty much from finding ourselves on a Predator ship and the Predalien bursts from the chest of the Predator.

Greg It’ll definitely be an eye opener, it has its own style, it’s ballsy, we didn’t pull any punches. For fans there’ll be expanded mythologies, new worlds and morally questionable violence.

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