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Alias 5.15 No Hard Feelings review

The One Where...Sydney pretends to be Anna.

AIR-DATE: 17/05/06

Written by: Sam Humphrey

Director: Tucker Gates

Starring: Michael Vartan, David Anders, Jack Donner

Rating: 3/5

Sydney plays nasty-Anna this episode and toys with Sloane, working some lies so he believes Sydney is the one that really died. Sloane tells her of his call to Sark and Syd-playing-Anna sets up a meeting with the blond Brit. Suave Sark reunites with “Anna” and together they go on a mission for Sloane to secure the last piece of the Rambaldi puzzle which is being held in a prison where Rambaldi himself was once incarcerated. Detonating a bomb so they can get arrested and put into the slammer, the super spies quickly take advantage of their environment so they can get into the basement. There Syd meets an old man that hands her a necklace… the final clue.

Perplexed, Syd-as-Anna returns to her cell, where Sloane is waiting for her with a chokehold. Vaughn shows up to save the day, but Sloane now has the necklace and the means to finish the prophecy.

The episode excels when Jen Garner gets to play the baddie as fake-Anna. With her mimic movements and great lines, the mission moments work best and overall, it’s a decent stepping-stone leading to the finale. It’s great to see the dynamic of a mission again with Sark and Dixon back in the mix. Plus, the vision of Sloane choking Sydney was a sight to behold. On the flipside, the Tom and Rachel moments were pretty underwhelming.

Sark: “Lucky for you I won’t be here for long. Otherwise, I’d pull out your tongue and choke you with it.” Death becomes her.

Marie Bennett

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