Ali Larter On Resident Evil Afterlife

SFX clusive: There’s tons of kick-ass action, ripped straight out of the games, she reckons

Heroes star Ali Larter has been talking to SFX about her return to the world of Resident Evil in the fourth film, Afterlife, and she has some tantalising things to say about the action in the film:

“I think what’s really cool is that [director] Paul [WS Anderson] came back. Paul knows what you want. If you’re a fan of Resident Evil , he knows how to deliver what excites you within the franchise. For example, there’s so much that was pulled from the videogame in this movie. Some of our stunts were choreographed beat by beat from what’s in the videogame. I’m wearing the outfit that I wore in the videogame. That’s the kind of fun stuff that he brings to it.

“But Paul also introduced this interesting element. When you meet Claire [Redfield – Larter’s character], she’s become someone that has to survive at all costs and she has to overcome some memory loss. She starts to figure out who she can trust. There’s a lot of that going on in this movie. Claire’s tough and strong and has a rough edge to her, and she’s very selfless and has always found a way to survive in all situations but help others, and you watch her have to crack a little bit when she meets her brother. It definitely is not a family reunion where it’s like, ‘Oh, so great to see you!’ It’s ‘I’m gonna fucking kick your ass if you say you’re my brother and you’re not.’ So it’s a family reunion done Resident Evil style.”

Read the full interview in SFX 200 , out next Wednesday.

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