Alex Winter talks Bill & Ted 3

Bill & Ted 3 sounds as though it’s definitely happening, with Alex Winter following up Keanu Reeves’ recent comments by talking to MTV about the sequel’s new direction.

“I think the reality is there probably will be another one,” began Winter, lending weight to Reeves' assertion that a script has been drafted and sent out to studios.

“The movies were always about rock and roll,” he continues. “That was a big part of the movies, so [ we’ll explore ] what’s happened to rock and roll in the last twenty years.”

“The movie’s gonna get in and play with some of that stuff. Where’s rock, where are we, what’s happened to the whole idea of saving the world, or what hasn’t happened?”

So, will Wyld Stallyns have seen all their old hits given a deep house remix? Will their vocals have been auto-tuned to within an inch of their life? Or will they simply have gone bust in the wake of illegal downloads and the collapse of the record industry? Whatever happens, we’re sure they’ll roll with the punches in their trademark bodacious fashion…

George Wales

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