Alex Ross's experimental new Fantastic Four project gets a new release date

Fantastic Four: Full Circle art by Alex Ross
Fantastic Four: Full Circle art by Alex Ross (Image credit: Marvel Comics/Abrams ComicArts)

Acclaimed painter Alex Ross will lend his talents as both writer and artist to an upcoming original graphic novel starring the Fantastic Four, which is now set for release in September. 

(Image credit: Marvel Comics/Abrams Comic Arts)

Published jointly through Marvel Comics and Abrams ComicArts, the 64-page Fantastic Four: Full Circle will be printed in an oversized prestige format similar to the original Marvel Graphic Novels line of the '80s.

"This is the Fantastic Four story I have been wanting to tell for years, and visually it is one of the greatest artistic experiments I have attempted," Ross states in the story’s announcement. "I'm excited to share this work with everyone, as it unites the two great publishing forces of Marvel and Abrams ComicArts in a bold new collaboration."

Fantastic Four: Full Circle revitalizes a story told by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee in the '60s and introduces it to a new generation. It sends Marvel's First Family into the Negative Zone, a realm of dark energy and darker beings after mysterious parasites invade the Baxter Building. Described as "carrion creatures composed of Negative Energy," these parasites intend to use a human host for delivering something, but the reason why is less clear. Even more nebulous is who sent these parasites to begin with.

Those familiar with Ross's usual painted art style, which channels the classic feeling of Norman Rockwell paintings into larger-than-life superhero comics, will find themselves surprised with the graphic style of the cover and interior pages he shared on Twitter,  which eschews Ross's usual paintings for a more pop-art style look for the story. 

Ross previously used a similar style as the interior artist of 2008's Justice Society of America: Kingdom Come Special: Superman #1, which he penciled and inked rather than painting. However, the art on Fantastic Four: Full Circle goes even farther with Ross's own colors.

Fantastic Four: Full Circle goes on sale September 6. 

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