Alba: "I slapped sharks!"

Okay, let’s get this straight: Jessica Alba slapped a shark? “Yeah, I did hit a couple of them to push them out of the way,” says the ridiculously hot Into The Blue star. “I never wanted them to mistake me for a fish.”

Into The Blue sees decidedly unfishlike Jessica and co-star Paul Walker as part of a group of divers who find something in the depths belonging to a vicious drug gang. Cue action, danger, thrills and bikinis.

But with the majority of the film shot underwater, Alba, Walker and co had to put in two months training in scuba and free dives. The catch? They’d be sharing the water with up to 30 reef sharks at one time.

"I was terrified," confesses Alba, even though she has been diving since age 14. "These sharks were over two meters long and they will bite you. They look like Jaws! Every time a shark would swim by, I would do whatever I could to distract myself from the thought of what they could do." Which, according to Alba, was occasionally taking bites at the shark wranglers’ legs. We’re betting she can’t wait to get back in front of Sin City 2’s greenscreen…