Alan Wake Remastered release date confirmed for October in stunning new trailer

The Alan Wake Remastered release date is officially October 5, as Remedy confirmed in the first trailer for the gorgeous remake. 

After a brief announcement earlier this week (following a cheeky leak slightly before that), Remedy brought a full-fat trailer to today's PlayStation Showcase. This being a faithful remaster, the trailer can't help being a bit of an anticlimax for those who've played the original. Without wishing to spoil, our hero Alan finds himself alone in the unnerving town of Bright Falls in search of his missing wife Alice. Remedy-grade horror ensues; use your imagination. 

Fortunately, because we already know Alan Wake's got some serious horror chops, we're free to gawk at the modernized graphics, which is the real star of this trailer. The moon is somber, the fog is lingering, and most importantly, the flashlight is crisp and wonderfully reflected. And just look at Alan's hair. The rule for remasters is generally that you want them to look as good as you remember the original game looking, and Alan Wake Remastered has flown right past that bar with some stellar lighting and effects updates. It looks like a lovely, loving touch-up, and we can't wait to play through again come October. 

Alan Wake Remastered is coming to PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC (via the Epic Games Store).

As our own Josh West writes, Alan Wake remains one of Remedy's best and most memorable games – a story begging to be replayed and deserving of much more than its status as a cult hit. 

Austin Wood

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