Alan Wake 2 took influence from Resident Evil to make players feel "more vulnerable"

Alan Wake 2 gameplay screenshot PS5
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Alan Wake 2's developers took inspiration from Capcom's Resident Evil series as it wanted players to feel "more vulnerable" while playing the sequel.

In an interview with Edge (Issue 388), Alan Wake 2 game director Kyle Rowley discussed some of the upcoming game's spooky influences, pointing to the recent Resident Evil games as a good point of reference when it comes to creating eerie camera angles in the game. 

"Camera perspective and things like that, yes, there are good references from the recent Resident Evil games that we did look at," Rowley says. "But not just because, oh, you know, it worked for them," the director continues, "it's more like, how does that help us build the kind of experience we want? More claustrophobic; making the player feel more vulnerable; making the enemies feel more physical and dangerous." 

Since you never know what monstrosities are waiting around the corner for you in each of the Resident Evil games, and the fact that Alan Wake 2 will be full-fledged survival horror, the Capcom series is certainly a good place to get inspiration. This also hasn't come as much of a surprise to us as Alan Wake 2 did one hell of a Resident Evil impression in its first gameplay reveal earlier this year. 

Alan Wake 2 is set to launch on October 17, 2023, and will be available on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC. Don't worry if you didn't play the original on Xbox 360 back in the day or if you still haven't gotten around to playing Alan Wake Remastered from 2021, as Alan Wake 2 newcomers don't need to have played the original game, although we definitely suggest giving at least the remake a go if you want the full Remedy experience. 

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