Alan Wake 2 should be available physically, says THQ Nordic – and it's offered to help, too

Alan Wake 2 gameplay screenshot PS5
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THQ Nordic has dropped a cheeky tweet to Alan Wake 2 developer Remedy Entertainment, saying it would "love" to help the studio release the highly-anticipated horror game physically.

We already know that there are "no plans" for a physical release of Alan Wake 2, and Remedy says that that's part of an attempt to keep the game's price down to $60 on console, and $50 on PC. 

That hasn't stopped THQ Nordic from getting in touch, however, offering to bring it "full circle", given it had worked with Remedy to release the original Alan Wake game physically on PC.

"I mean... we did the disc version of Alan Wake for PC back in the day ICYMI" THQ Nordic said, making sure to tag the official Twitter accounts for Remedy and Alan Wake.

"And just because ONE person (or company) does not love physical, there is plenty who still do. Give it some thought. We'd love to go at it again! Full circle and all."

The tweet has received thousands of likes, too, perhaps intimating the strength of feeling of Alan Wake fans who would also like to hold a copy of the sequel in their hands.

At the time of writing, Remedy hasn't responded to THQ Nordic's tweet – not publicly, anyway – but we'll let you know if/when that changes.

Earlier this week, Remedy Entertainment gave us our first look at Alan Wake 2 in action, and the trailer has raised a lot of questions that are difficult to answer right now. Thankfully, Josh is here with 13 details you may have missed in the Alan Wake 2 gameplay trailer to help you make a little more sense of the ritualistic murders, new characters, multiple settings, and more. 

"It was impossible to anticipate what Remedy Entertainment would do with Alan Wake 2. Trust me, I've spent much of the last decade trying to dream this sequel into reality," he says in his fantastic feature, Alan Wake 2 isn't what I was expecting, and it's all the better because of it.

"Wake's long-awaited escape from the Dark Place had always seemed so obvious to me: the writer would commence work on a new novel, allowing us to explore a twisted shadow of Bright Falls while Wake inadvertently rewrote reality around him, with Remedy using this frame to pull focus onto larger combat scenarios and a more authored open world – less of a Departure, and more of a continuation." 

Alan Wake 2 is slated for release on October 17 on PC via Epic Games Store, PS5, and Xbox Series X. 

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