Airborne shots drop in

A selection of Medal of Honor: Airborne shots have dropped into our laps and give us a further glimpse at some of the night jumps that will appear in the upcoming World War II first-person shooter.

The action in Medal of Honor: Airborne follows the story of a super-soldier who somehow manages to show up in every major airborne assault that took place during WWII. The soldier in question is Private Boyd Travers, who - according to game producer Patrick Gilmore - would rather "crash and burn doing something spectacular than see victory doing something mundane." Probably not someone you'd want on your side, then.

Even though most of the shots of the game involve parachuting, gamers won't spend that much time in the air. The time you do spend, though, is hugely important as where you land will impact how successful you are in a mission. For starters, you don't really want to land right in the middle of an enemy troop, while other landing points will be perfect to begin sniping or assaulting an enemy stronghold.

And while we're expecting the familiar shooter experience that we've come to expect from the Medal of Honor series, Airborne should provide a greater emphasis on freedom than we've seen before - publisher EA is keen for gamers to make their own decisions and tackle objectives in their own way.

Unfortunately, we still have a bit of a wait before we can get our hands on Medal of Honor: Airborne, as it won't be out until early next year.

June 29, 2006