Agony is possessing the Switch this Halloween

It was recently confirmed that Agony would be making its way over to the Switch, but now we know the 2018 first-person horror RPG will release on Switch the same day the barrier between the living and the dead is thinnest, Halloween, because of course.

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The aptly-titled Agony takes place in the devil's lair, and you're a martyr tasked with escaping. Ways you can do this include possessing other martyrs and demons in an effort to secure a meeting with the Red Goddess, who helped build the literal hellscape. Despite less-than-stellar reviews, Agony is downright horrific - in the best possible way. There's a lot of disturbing, explicit stuff going on in the bloodsoaked environments of hell, and it'll be an interesting experiment seeing it run on the mobile Switch's hardware.

Agony may not be for everyone, but it fills a certain niche with gamers looking for the most grotesque, repugnant material they can sink their teeth into, and it's certainly best enjoyed during the Halloween season. For the truly depraved, you should be able to pre-order Agony on Switch come October 24, just a week before it releases.

Forever Entertainment just released a trailer for Agony's Switch port, and indeed things look a tad blurry. However, a slight visual compromise is an expected concession for players looking to take modern PC games on the go.

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