Agents of Shield retcons the fate of a key Agent Carter character

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Agents of Shield season 7 has been hopping around in time. Coulson's team of both superpowered and non-superpowered agents are doing their best to keep the time-lines stable, leading to our beloved heroes having to stop the destruction of Hydra – because without Hydra there would be no Shield, obviously.

**Spoiler warning for Agents of Shield season 7**

The latest episode of Shield – filmed entirely in black-and-white – takes place in 1955 on the day agent Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj) dies. You'll recognise that agent's name from the series Agent Carter which was cancelled after two seasons despite positive reviews and an excellent lead performance from Hayley Atwell. 

We learn that Dousa became "the first fallen agent of Shield," having died trying to expose Hydra's presence within the agency... or at least that was the case. Fans of Agent Carter will be delighted to learn that Sousa no longer dies in pursuit of Hydra.

Though the Shield team from the future worry that Sousa surviving that fateful night in 1955 will lead to the timelines splitting, they come up with a cunning plan to save his life. Instead of Sousa hunting down Hydra down a dark alleyway, Coulson – now a robot (long story) – goes instead. Wearing Sousa's clothes, Coulson takes two bullets in the back and survives, leaving Hydra believing that Sousa has died.

The problem now, though, is what does the still-living Sousa do? He cannot go back to his normal life, otherwise the timelines could be twisted. Instead, Sousa joins the Shield team from the future, and they venture to 1973. 

The question now concerns whether Sousa remains a full-time member of Shield. “I wouldn’t get my hopes up too much,” Gjokaj told TVLine of his character's future. “But he’s on the ride for the time being."

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