Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - first impressions

Trips to town taverns are usually reserved chatting with other players and picking up the occasional quest from an NPC, but that simply won't be the case in AoC with its Drunken Brawling PvP mode. Imagine entering a tavern and witnessing the chaos of a massive bar fight as drunken adventurers from across the land sway and swing wildly at one another while guzzling down all sorts of tasty wines and ale.

Have a drink, or two, or ten, and join the fray. Things like level or equipment won't matter in these bar brawls. Instead, how drunk you are will determine the accuracy of your punches and how much damage you can deal and take. Drink too much and you could wind up as a raging powerhouse who can't hit a thing as you stumble about.