After 11 years, the Dragon Quest game that turned an MMO into a JRPG cult classic may finally get a worldwide release

Dragon Quest 10
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Dragon Quest 10 Offline could finally be coming to territories worldwide.

Square Enix’s MMO was originally released on the Wii in 2012 and then ported to other platforms in the following years, but the game was sadly never localized outside of Japan. The massive multiplayer component was then removed in 2022’s Dragon Quest Offline - essentially what the name suggests: an offline remake of the game - and we now have a clue that the game could come to global fans.

As Gematsu explains, Square Enix Asia uploaded trailers for the game’s release in China and Korea, but the final frame only lists PlayStation and PC as platforms. The omission of the Nintendo Switch, which the offline version originally launched on, has led to some speculation that the Big N might be on publishing duties for the game’s worldwide launch.

In fact, Nintendo published the very first Dragon Quest in North America and subsequently published several other games in the series outside of Japan, despite the games being developed in-house at Square Enix. A similar situation wouldn’t be unlikely for Dragon Quest 10 Offline, which fans have been waiting years for, although that’s all just hopeful speculation at this point.

Fans craved the illusive game so much that a community project aimed to translate the entire MMO into English piece by piece. That was definitely a welcome step in preserving an important game (in an even more important series), but it’s nowhere near as accessible as an official release would certainly be. 

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