Affleck, Bale, and Keaton-era Batmobiles are heading back to Rocket League

Rocket League
(Image credit: Psyonix)

Rocket League has once again partnered with DC to bring the Batmobile back to its rocket-powered football game.

In a new trailer for its Halloween-themed Haunted Hallows event, developer Psyonix showed off some new cosmetics - ranging from a topper based on Harley Quinn's iconic hat to wheels displaying Mr Freeze's bespectacled visage - as well as Gotham-inspired take on the game's hilarious Rumble mode. The game mode, which allows players to use powerups to manipulate the ball or other players while they're driving, has been reskinned to pay homage to the city and its many colourful inhabitants, with a new map and visual changes to those buffs.

With the city's most notorious bad guys causing havoc, Batman himself is stepping in as not one but three versions of the Batmobile return to the item shop. Vehicles based on three eras of Batman - those of Micheal Keaton, Christian Bale, and Ben Affleck - will be available to purchase when the event kicks off tomorrow, Thursday October 14.

Psyonix and DC have partnered up a number of times in the past, which has led to the Batmobile appearing in the game in various guises. It's far from the only movie-based partner out there though - cars based on the Jurassic Park and James Bond franchises have also made their way to the game over the years, with the latter appearing just a few days ago, presumably as part of a tie-in with the long-awaited release of No Time to Die. 

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