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Adult Swim goes the extra mile on April Fools’ Day with Rick and Morty Babies

April Fools’ Day pranks usually fall under one of two categories: eye-rollingly obvious, or outrageously dedicated to the bit. Happily, Adult Swim has opted for the latter – with a completely fresh take on Rick and Morty.

Rick and Morty Babies, released by the newly christened Adult Swim Junior on April 1, sees the show’s usual opening credits scene replaced by a slightly more safe for work version.

But just because half the cast are now in diapers, doesn’t mean Rick and Morty is completely dialling things back. Rick and Morty are chased by demonic teddy bears in one scene, while Rick seemingly gives birth to a Benjamin Button-style Rick baby in another. Wild.

For the avoidance of doubt, Rick and Morty Babies won’t be making its way on the air any time soon. It’s just a continuation of the show’s unbelievable commitment to making April 1 more than just a holiday for pranksters. Previously years have seen the show announce a season 4 return on April Fools’ Day, and even dropping a surprise episode back in 2017 after a two-year hiatus.

Rick and Morty season 5, though, will soon be with us. Adult Swim announced that the series will return on Saturday, June 10 – and there’s even a new trailer teasing what’s to come. No babies in sight, though there are gigantic holograms and Jerry’s oh-so-pathetic bucket list to look forward to.

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