Ace Attorney series could get more historical crossover games after Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

Ace Attorney
(Image credit: Capcom)

In the wake of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles' Sherlock Holmes pastiche, the series' producer tells Edge that future historical spin-offs are a possibility.

In Edge issue 362, Ace Attorney creator Shu Takumi and producer Yasuyuki Makino were asked whether fans of the series could ever expect any more historical Ace Attorney games that might see Phoenix Wright's ancestors teaming up with other fictional detectives like Columbo or Perry Mason.

In response, Makino said that fans should "never say never," and that "the possibility isn't zero." The difficulty in bringing those crossovers to life, however, stems from the fact that "collaborations are something which can't happen one-sidedly, so some kind of connection would need to happen between us. It would be a lot of fun!"

While the original Ace Attorney games take place in the modern day, The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles take players back to 19th century London, with acclaimed sleuth Herlock Sholmes helping out with the cases. While Takumi says he "took great care in his world building to make sure that nothing would seem out of place" in his version of Victorian England," he also suggests that "there's an element of fantasy in everything about the Ace Attorney series." Copyright issues prevented the one true Holmes from appearing in this game, but with a light fantasy element on offer, there could be plenty of room for other famous detectives to make their mark on the franchise - Percule Hoirot, anyone?

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