Absurdly talented musicians perform a Mario Kart race's soundtrack in real-time

Mario Kart 8
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A group of talented musicians have released a wonderful video where they perform the soundtrack to a Mario Kart 8 race in real-time.

As you can see in the highly rewatchable below video, the three-person group is made up of a keyboardist, a violinist, and a flautist. Starting at the beginning of the Mario Kart 8 race Mario Circuit, the musicians perform the opening jingle and countdown sounds flawlessly, and from there they launch into a cheerful rendition of the track's classic score. Here are the people from TikTok account arsene_et_jonas making one Mario Kart player's day and giving us all something to watch over and over.


What is your favorite race ? @lucasgrdn

♬ son original - Arsene_et_Jonas

When the unseen player drives over an item box, the violinist and flautist pause and allow the keyboardist to play the familiar sound of the items being shuffled. The player gets a star, and the group launches into their spirited take on the classic Mario Kart star song. Even the sound of a banana being dropped is impressively mimicked by the violinist.

Imagine being lucky enough to have these gifted folks as your friends? The Mario Kart 8 soundtrack is great as it is, but nothing beats a live performance during a high-stakes race, especially when it's completely functional. The same people made a similar video performing the soundtrack to a Pokemon battle, a Beat Saber track, and the saddest scene from The Lion King

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