A tribute to all who played in GamesRadar's 24 Hour Marathon

In case you missed the games, thetweets, theUstream, and all around ridiculous badassery ofGamesRadar’s Second Annual 24 Hour Gaming Marathon, this video recap’ll make you feel like a silly goose for not participating. To the proud many who joined in the shenanigans for the entire 24 hours, this video is our way of saying “Thank You!” Oh, andit just so happens to STAR YOU. The whole thing was a smashing success, not once did the fun subside, and the fact that more of you than we could ever even play hung in for so long made it the one of the most worthwhile things we’ve ever done on the site. To all of you: We seriously can’t thank you enough.

I tried to thank as many of you as I could catalogue, so bear in mind that the people in the video are just the people I played at my desk. There are a great many of you who played as well, and I’m sorry we couldn’t get you all on camera. Here's to doing it alloveragain next year!

Here's more pics!

Aug 27, 2010