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A Sony Bravia update is bringing PS5 compatibility to its smart TV

(Image credit: Sony)

A mysterious Sony Bravia update is seemingly going out to patch its range of smart TVs for PS5 signal support ahead of the console's launch next month. 

We can confirm this via our very own Managing Editor of Hardware & eCommerce Brendan Griffiths, who received the update on his Sony X900H/XH90 4K HDR TV today, part of which apparently "enables 4k120 Hz signal support for PlayStation 5".

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(Image credit: Sony)

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It's unclear which models of Sony's Bravia TV range are being targeted with firmware update v6.0384, which also adds support for the Apple TV app, enables eARC support, introduces more parental control functions, and other hotfixes. 

Either way, its existence suggests that Sony is already preparing for the launch of PS5, which is bound to run into display discrepancies across the spectrum of TVs which new owners will have in their living room, as is the way with any new console launch. 

The PlayStation 5 is capable of running games in a 4K resolution at a dedicated 60 frames per second, and Sony has already floated a number of its televisions as "Ready for PS5" ahead of the console's release on November 12. 

Do let us know if you run into this update on your Bravia device, and we'll be sure to keep and eye out and see if Sony has anything official to announce about it later this week. 

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