A member of the X-Men family faces a gruesome fate

X-Men #18 art
X-Men #18 art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Cyclops is the scion of the Summers family, one of several mutant brothers who have played big roles in the Marvel Universe. But Cyclops - Scott Summers to his friends - and his brothers Havok, Vulcan, and Adam X all have their father Christopher 'Corsair' Summers to thank for their adventurous streak, as he's the captain of the space pirate crew known as the Starjammers.

But it may be time to say goodbye to Corsair, as the final page of January 10's X-Men #18 puts him in a dire predicament reminiscent of the classic film Alien.

Spoilers ahead for X-Men #18

X-Men #18 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

As of January 11's X-Men #18 from writer Gerry Duggan, artists CF Villa and Matt Milla, and letterer Clayton Cowles, we've entered the X-Men portion of the team's Brood-centric crossover with Carol Danvers, which has so far taken place in the pages of the Captain Marvel title.

The issue primarily focuses on the two current versions of Laura Kinney, one who is her current contemporary age and one time-displaced version who is much older (it's … a lot to explain) navigating how they'll co-exist on Krakoa and among the X-Men.

But at the very end, we catch up with Corsair aboard his Starjammer ship as he sends out a dire distress call, seemingly ready to end his own life with his last bullet as he broadcasts from the aftermath of a brutal, bloody battle against an unrevealed enemy.

the final page of X-Men #18 (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

As Corsair states that his death is imminent, we see his terrible fate: he's been infected with one of Marvel's Alien xenomorph-esque parasites, the Brood - meaning that one way or another, his fate is sealed.

This comes hot on the heels of another xenomorph-esque chestburster-style scene in Marvel's recent Deadpool relaunch, in which a version of the Carnage symbiote literally exploded out of Deadpool's chest.

If that's a preview of what's awaiting Corsair, well, things are looking pretty grim aboard the Starjammer.

X-Men #19 goes on sale February 15.

Maybe the Brood deserves a place among the best X-Men villains of all time.

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