A lot of Cox

It leaked online earlier today, but now the Walk Hard trailer- that premiered to riotous laughter in front of the Comic-Con screening of Superbad – has officially arrived to put its Cox in our faces.

And yes, that’s a very cheap joke, but then Walk Hard would seem to be aiming firmly (stop it!) for more of a Will Ferrell, OTT style of laugh than Judd Apatow’s recent comedy output.

Apatow – the man behind most of this year’s good funny flicks – is a writer and producer on Walk Hard, though his old colleague Jake Kasdan is actually the man who directed this tale of musical legend Dewey Cox (John C Reilly), a soulful singer with a tortured past and a penchant for terrible wigs. Jenna Fischer (from Blades Of Glory), Knocked Up scene stealer Kristen Wiig and Paul Rudd – as John Lennon, no less - all crop up to bring the gags. Find it here .

Source: ( Yahoo Movies )