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A list of ghost pirate ships in RPGs


Another entry that at first glance looks like just your average ghost ship, Grandia's nautical dungeon only reveals its pirate influence after a careful examination of clues onboard.

Above: Surely this vessel must have been used for pirate purposes if it has a treasure room

Treasure chests alone wouldn't be enough to prove piracy, as treasure chests are truly a staple of the RPG genre if there ever was one. But when you find a whole room devoted to treasure, chances are high that this vessel was used for professional plundering. And while the captain's quarters doesn't have any completely damning evidence, it definitely has strong pirate vibe.

Above: Only a pirate captain would have a skull for a paperweight

The giant squid is the eternal rival of the pirate, so his presence seals the deal for this being a pirate ship, and also explains where all the pirates went (in his tummy).

Above: "I find those quotes a tad offensive, young lady," said the Squid King

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