A Final Fantasy fan spent more than 10 years unlocking every single trophy in the series

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade
(Image credit: Square Enix)

A Final Fantasy fan is the only person in the world who has obtained every trophy in the franchise. 

Talan Kirk, who is also known as Rebourne07 on Reddit and PSN, recently spoke with Kotaku (opens in new tab) about their impressive achievement explaining that they got their first trophy from Final Fantasy 13 on PS3 in November 2010 and recently got their final one on August 8, 2021, from Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Kirk shared his achievement on the r/gaming subreddit (opens in new tab) where it garnered the attention of fans, many of whom sent in their congratulations or reminisced about their time playing the many entries in the series and the trophies they struggled to get themselves. 

According to the Kotaku article, Kirk was previously one of two people to hit the milestone. Recently, however, the count has changed - since the release of the remastered version of Final Fantasy 8, Final Fantasy 7, and Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles on PS4, as well as Final Fantasy 14 and the release of Final Fantasy 7 Remake: Integrade on PS5, Kirk has shot ahead of their rival, becoming the only person to complete the feat. 

Kirk doesn’t recommend that anyone attempt to do the same as him though, as it has taken him a decade - due to playing the games as they were released - and amounted to roughly 3,000 hours of playtime, all while juggling real-life commitments too.

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