A co-op Witcher game could be on the way

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An upcoming Witcher game could feature co-op and PvE elements, according to a new job listing.

As first spotted by RockPaperShotgun (opens in new tab), The Molasses Flood, developer behind the new Witcher game codenamed Project Sirius, has posted a new job listing (opens in new tab). The role is for a senior multiplayer designer and is primarily after someone with experience developing PvE games.

Additionally, The Molasses Flood is also after a game designer with experience making co-op games. As such, it's been suggested that the new Witcher game will lean into the multiplayer and co-op aspect of gameplay when it eventually launches.

In case you're wondering, this isn't The Witcher 4. When Project Sirius was announced as being in development at The Molasses Flood, CD Projekt stated firmly that this new game would be a major departure for The Witcher series at large, even going so far as to confirm multiplayer elements when the project was first revealed.

The Molasses Flood was originally founded in 2014 by BioShock and Halo veterans, putting out The Flame in the Flood in 2016, and Drake Hollow four years later in 2020. CD Projekt officially acquired the Boston-based studio in 2021, and put it in charge of developing the new Witcher spin-off game, entirely separate from The Witcher 4 and The Witcher 1 remake

It's quite obviously a fair few years away from launch, but at least we're now getting a slightly better picture of what to expect from The Molasses Flood's new Witcher game.

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