A closer look at mysterious heroine Elizabeth in new BioShock Infinite screens

Any new BioShock Infinite screen is worth writing about as far as we’re concerned, but the four released today are particularly great. This is our closest look at enigmatic sidekick Elizabeth – both her crazy powers and her compelling personality – outside of the E3 demo video we posted last month.

Just look at how much emotion and expression is conveyed in a single image:

That is a character you want to know, and want to protect, without even hearing her speak. The second screen showcases Elizabeth’s “tear” ability – she can rip through the fabric of BioShock Infinite’s universe to pull your choice of objects from a parallel timeline. Here, she’s bringing a new cover object into existence, but notice that the player has two additional options in the menu:

Sometimes Elizabeth’s tear ability is so powerful that it will transport you both into a parallel universe. Say, where the year is 1983 instead of 1912 and Return of the Jedi is in theaters under its original title, Revenge of the Jedi. This mind-melting scene was in the E3 demo, but only as a brief flash – this screenshot implies, quite intriguingly, that you can explore the alternate 1983 as well.

Irrational sent us one last image today. It doesn’t have anything to do with Elizabeth, but it does hint at the possibility of a deranged dentist villain to thematically replace the demented Dr. Steinman in BioShock. Now the question is… can the developers create a creepier version of Sander Cohen, too?

Aug 17, 2011

Charlie Barratt
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