8 things we know about Resident Evil 6 right now!

In case you missed today’s megaton announcement, Resident Evil 6 was revealed this afternoon. The trailer was over three minutes long and stuffed with so much info on the next main series entry that we had to watch it about seven times before we really thought we got a handle on it. Watch again and you’ll probably notice a fair number of things.

We’ve gone over the trailer with a magnifying glass and despite it being filled with questions, there are at least some things we can say is true about RE6. Just what are the facts? Read on…

1. There are multiple protagonists

Mixed in with the cinematic moments were flashes of gameplay that featured three different guys as the playable character. Though it’s possible they’re co-op partners at some point, the difference in tone and setting in the scenes with Chris, Leon and this new guy suggest that there will be multiple levels with each of them being the star of their particular chapter. Will the game be divided evenly? Will each feature in a third of the game, or will that new character take over after Leon and Chris fail (or even die)?

2. True zombies are back and they’re mad

So multiple outbreaks are occurring worldwide with the kind of bioterror we’ve seen snippets of in the upcoming Resident Evil: Revelations, only on a global scale. Leon S. Kennedy is doing all he can, but too many are turning into zombies, including the President of the United States! But what’s most important is that many of these look like our standard definition of zombies.

See that? No weird teeth, giant tongues, or bloody tentacles, just your classic walking corpse zombie. We’re not saying we dislike the special zombies, but in this world of superfast undead, it was nice to see the iconic shambling ones. Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t leap at you.

3. Whoever this new guy with the scar is, he doesn’t need guns to fight BOWs

Okay, we don’t have answers on the identity of the mercenary with the scar. Perhaps he’s Hunk or some recovered bioweapon. What’s really important is that this guy seems markedly stronger than Chris and Leon do in this trailer. Multiple times you see him beating the crap out of monsters without using a weapon. Hell, he fights a freaking helicopter!

His powers and abilities remind us of Albert Wesker’s speed and strength when dealing with the undead. If this guy stars in a chunk of the game equal to Leon and Chris, we bet he’ll play pretty differently just for the sake of variety if nothing else. Oh, and at first we thought he never used a gun, but we did spot him holding a gun for a fraction of a second.

Above: Squint and you'll see the gun

Henry Gilbert

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