8 things we know about Resident Evil 6 right now!

4. That blonde woman really looks and sounds like a grown-up Ashley from RE4

We’re curious about the relationship between the man with the scar and his blonde companion, but this young lady really reminds us of Ashley Graham, the President’s daughter from Resident Evil 4. Though in an interesting reversal, from the look of the gameplay it seems like she’s helping you instead of you having to escort her through dangerous areas. Our current theory: she hires this scarred mercenary to find the terrorists that killed the prez.

5. The zombies are bigger than ever before

We’ve seen some pretty big zombies in Resident Evil history, hulking mammoth men than take serious ammunition to deal with, but at the trailers end we see flashes of what looks to be a bioweapon that rivals Godzilla in size. Just look at that thing as it towers over Chris. Will this thing flatten a Chinese metropolis before Chris has a chance to save the town?

6. You can run to cover, but it isn’t safe

Resident Evil 5 had its fair share of corner cover, but not much in the way of the crouching cover that’s all the rage in modern shooters. RE6 seems to have embraced that style now, as we saw Chris running into cover and sticking to it just like Marcus Fenix or Nathan Drake. Of course, that doesn’t mean that you’re safe, as stretchy zombie claws might just pull you out of cover if you aren’t careful.

7. You fight humans too

In the world of RE6, terrorists are causing global panic using variations on the undead plague Umbrella created. So even though you’re taking out the undead left and right, it seems humans are your real enemy, and for a few moments we saw Chris taking out some masked men that appear to be normal people. Do they work for the organization that's causing people to think there's no hope left?

8. You also play as the woman from the intro

And the last thing we gleaned from this reveal trailer comes in at the last moments, with milliseconds of gameplay and cutscenes interspersed. In there we spotted a fourth playable character: the woman from the opening. Leon’s unnamed companion in failed presidential bodyguard work is the central figure in brief gameplay glimpses as she’s attacked by zombies. Will she get her own segment, or will she be a playable co-op character in the Leon stages?

For every answer about a dozen questions pop up. Will there be co-op like in RE5? Who are these new characters? Is this an ensemble game? What questions did RE6 bring up for you? We have between now and November 20 to find out the answers.

Henry Gilbert

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