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7 things in the Destiny: Rise of Iron launch trailer that'll make Guardians lose their sh*t

Ok. Destiny: Rise of Iron is so close now that we can almost taste those sweet new weapons and armour. Mmm, iron. And look, a launch trailer! You can see it all above but I've pulled out some exciting highlight moments. These are sure to send Guardians into a frenzy that could only be equalled by rolling around in a ball-pool full of exotic and legendary engrams. *Ahem* Carry on. 

The Iron Lords are COOL 

Here are the flames again with some bonus reloading Guardians - YES

Give me this armour or give me death 

The new snowy strike looks really... cool 

Check out the new Gjallarhorn sparrow in action

This is a sneaky tease of the new Raid and there's mines on robot arms

Aaand just look at this flaming armour. The 20th can't come soon enough 

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