63 amazing things we saw and did in Skyrim

Above: It's wrong to kill Orcs just because of their race. This one was a jerk, though.

  • We tried to talk to a Ghostly Headless Horsemen, but he wouldn’t have a conversation with us despite having a “talk' prompt.” Presumably, because he doesn’t have a mouth. That, or he’s a rude bastard.
  • We mistakenly alerted guards as we tried to sneak up on them by bumping into bones dangling from ropes on the ceiling. They made a clattery noise and we jumped.
  • We passed a stone column with a sword, shield, and flowers laid at its base. We left them well alone.
  • We enjoyed talking to NPCs without time freezing around us. Talking to people is a much more organic process, happening in real-time.
  • We reloaded a previous save because an NPC wouldn’t progress the quest. He just stood in the room looking like he wanted to attack a wall like it had wronged him. Or there was an enemy stuck in it.
  • We hit a guard in the head with a mace and got thrown in jail.
  • We tried to pick the lock in our jail cell but failed, breaking the one lockpick we snuck in.
  • We broke out of our cell by smashing through a crumbing wall, and then took back our stuff and fought our way out .
  • We saw some giants standing around and went to talk to them. They didn’t want to talk to us. Way to perpetuate the stereotypes, guys.

Above: No matter how tempting it may be, we don't recommend bashing guards in the face.

  • We drank a potion and entered into an NPC’s memories.
  • We talked to a salty sea captain who lost his sea salt in a sea cave.
  • We overheard a conversation about women in a town having horrid nightmares, and were given a side-quest to help end them.
  • We randomly attacked a ship’s captain, hoping the crew would join in our coup.
  • We weren’t all that surprise when the crew didn’t join in our coup.
  • We jumped off the boat into the water, and swam away from out failed coup.
  • We walked in snow so thick we could barely see where we were going.
  • We read the letters in our inventory, which are 3D and unfold as you select them, revealing their written contents realistically written on the paper, not just as screen text.
  • We had some epic battles thanks to the new combat. Holding down the attack button does a charge attack in both senses of the word. Not only will the blow be more forceful, our Argonian also ran forward several steps before delivering the attack.
  • We missed several powerful swings of our weapon. The lunge is easy to miss, though if it was too easy, the move would likely be overpowered. If you do hit, however, it knocks the hell out of them.
  • We saw a fox while we were running through the forest. Quickly, we turned to it and used our magical ability to light it on fire. We actually laughed out loud and said “Heh, Firefox.”
  • We leveled up and spent our skill to improve our magical abilities. It turned our small flame attack into a full-blown flamethrower.
  • We swung a mace at a wolf and hit it so hard it rolled down the side of a hill for nearly a minute. It was a big hill.
  • We were randomly attacked by a woman while passing a village, but the only reason we noticed it was because we heard a “twang” and saw an arrow fall to the ground after striking a rock.
  • We overheard people talking about a recent attack, though they didn’t go into details.
  • We found a cave in the middle of nowhere filled with traps.
  • We tried to explore the cave, but were killed by the traps.
  • We tried to explore the cave again, but were killed by zombies after being weakened by the traps.
  • We decided that the cave sucked and was for losers and didn’t go back.
  • We went to the cave again and cleared it, earning awesome new items and gaining a ton of experience.
  • We walked into a city we saw an executioner preparing to bring an axe down on a man’s neck. For no reason at all, we took out a bow and shot the executioner in the head – causing every guard in the town to attack us.
  • We ran from the guards, turning on Assassin’s Creed mode. We led them on a chase across bridges, up narrow paths, and down rooftops before dodging them down an alley and escaping.

Oct 18, 2011

Justin Towell

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