61 terrible videogame shirts you must never wear

We were young once too, and we’ll admit that referencing a well known moment from SNL, or Monty Python, or Spinal Tap was not only good for a laugh, but made you and your friends feel superior to everyone else who didn’t get it. But let’s be clear: those are already so overused from repetition in all other forms of media, that seeing them used for some videogame joke shirt only makes them more groan-worthy.

Those are worse than regular joke shirts, because they aren’t even original. They may get a passing chuckle, but your friends are just being polite. They think you’re a giant loser for referencing something that, at best, is a decade old (like in the case of the Cowbell shirt). Why not just get one that says, “Schwing,” juxtaposed against an image of Zero Suit Samus, or “Did I do that?” in front of a Gears of War headshot.

Above: You’re welcome for the free idea, hacky t-shirt makers