50 years of gaming documentary premieres during the Golden Joystick Awards

Tonight's Golden Joystick Awards is celebrating 50 years of gaming by taking a look back at the art form we all love.

The roughly 30-minute documentary takes us on a journey from gaming's very first commercial game (that would be Computer Space) through the decades. From the very first PC games, such as Elite, to modern-day classics that have taken our breath away, the doc gives us a chance to take stock of how far things have come in 50 years.

On top of that, we're guided on this journey by the very people who helped shape the history of gaming. These include the likes of John Romero, the co-creator of Doom, Trip Hawkins, a founder at EA, Brenda Romero, game designer on Jagged Alliance 2 and Wizardy 8, and David Breban, who developed Elite.

We also hear from industry figures, such as Dr. Jo Twist, the CEO of UKIE, and former GamesRadar staffer Louise Blain, who help provide insight on just how massive key moments in the industry are. And, to top it all off, we also get to see Nolan North introduce each decade of gaming, because who doesn't want more Nolan North in their lives?

This is just the first part of 50 years of gaming celebrations during tonight's Golden Joystick Awards though, with a special musical performance coming up later on, as well as two brand new awards for tonight's show: the Ultimate Game of All Time Award and Best Gaming Hardware of All Time. Simply put, the party is just getting started...

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Ben Tyrer

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